Unlock Level: Lv.35

What is Breakthrough?Edit

Shape Up is the last step of Build Up. When a S+/CL player's Breakthrough process is finished, his ability will be increased by 120(S+)/140(CL) points.

The breakthrough process is divided into 3 steps: Emerging Star, Football Master and Pitch Dominator

Detail of Breakthrough ProcessEdit

Emerging StarEdit

In this step, you need to fulfill the Breakthrough progress that needs 480 Points. You can finish the Daily Breakthrough Object to get Breakthrough points. When you finish a Daily Breakthrough Object, it will add 4-14 points to your Breakthrough progress. You can change your Daily Breakthrough Object if you don't like the current one. You can finish the Daily Breakthrough object at most 3 times for free every day. And you can purchase extra challenge chance by GEM.

You can also use the item "Practical Combat" to get the Breakthrough point. Each of this item will add 2 points to your Breakthrough progress.

Football MasterEdit

The player needs to reach the max level and all of his attributes in Training need to be fully trained to finish this step.

Pitch DominatorEdit

You need to defeat the League C2 Team in Career League-Elite by at least 3 goals with this player in First XI for three times