Dear managers, welcome to Football Master Wiki!

Football Master is a mobile game that allows you to become a world famous football manager step by step. This game is incredible for it has over 5000 players from the real world and lots of legendary players from the history. Moreover, it has owned up to 5 major clubs' authorization such as FC Barcelona and Juventus. You can own the best players of the world such as C. Ronaldo, L. Messi and Neymar Jr.

The graphic and 3D animations (for example the Marseille turn, the scorpion kick, the TIKI-TAKA, and the through ball are all included) of this game is close to PC game quality and the powerful AI engine provides challenging action. Players are a legendary team's manager, by scouting and training players, participating in leagues around the world and step by step climbing to the top of the football world. Football Master makes great efforts to reinvent the football business process and make you become the best football manager in the world.

Game features

- Glory Road: Passionate team and legendary players are waiting for you to challenge them for the win

- Live Action: Full 3D graphics, amazing player animations for the most authentic game experience

- Complete coaching experience: training, tactics and strategies, everything needed to become a tactical master

- Licensed players: Licensed with over 5000 real players with continuous performance updates

- Return to the original game: professional leagues, invitational, Champions League duel, led the best to dominate all others

- Develop your own superstars:  draft and sign stars from across the world, train them and become the top club in football

Choose your players and build your dream XI because you are the football master.

What are you waiting for, get on the pitch and open a new era of football manager!