Alliance Sign In and ShopEdit

Alliance function has been optimized in the 4.5 Version. A new Sign In function allows you to use Euro or GEM to sign in and get Sign In Rewards everyday. Moreover, the more alliance members signed in a single day, the more rewards all members can get. At the same time, you can also get Sign Coins which can be used to redeem the items in Alliance Shop (Which replace the former Alliance Benefit).

Super League Honor HallsEdit

A brand new Honor Halls will be shown in the main interface of Super League. The Honor Halls will demonstrated all season's champion of Super League. And the defending champion of current season will be highlighted.


A new function need you to choose a suitable style for your team. This function allows you to increase your team strength and weaken opponent's strength.

For more details about Style function, please check Style

New Notification functionEdit

If you want Football Master to remind you when some important matches or events start, you can activate the new notification function in 4.5 version.