What is Illustration?Edit

The illustration will show all S+ and CL players in Football Master. 

You can check Title ability (For CL player only), highest ability, introduction, fluctuation (For S+ player only) and much more information of them. You can also check the Acquiring Ways and TP Recommendation of a specific player in Illustration.

What is a Group?Edit

There are 14 Groups in the game which contains lots of famous groups in past and current football world. You can see the famous group like "Dutch Trio" or "Galactico" in this function.

Group can increase your team strength in two ways. 

1. Every time you collect a player in the group, your team strength will be increased. For example, the group "BBC" contains C.Ronaldo, G.Bale and Benzema. When you collect one of these three players, your team strength will be increased respectively.

2. After you have collected all the players in a group, and the sum of these players' ability reaches a certain number. You can get more bonus to your team strength.