What is the Player Rating Adjustment event?Edit

Player Rating Adjustment event is a daily event which will be updated when every new version launched and we simply call it Rate Up Event (No one wish to decrease their rate right?). Each new version of Football Master will adjust some players' rate according to their real-world performance. Some players' rate may increase and some of them may be decreased.

What do I need to provide?Edit

If your players' rate is increased in the event, you need to use some items to increase their rate. 

1. Rate-Up Card (You can get this item in Ultimate League shop)

2. Best Player Certificate (You can get at most 15 of Best Player Certificates in Ultimate League shop daily):

For Current players become S+ ('Kylian Mbappé S to S+) or retire player of current club Like Red Devils M. Carrick to CL M. Carrick 


Legend Honor Certificate (You can get this item in Shop): For S+ player of previous clubs to become CL player, like Inter Milan Pirlo to CL Pirlo).

3. Certificate according to the player's position:

ATK for Forward, ORG for Midfielder and DEF for Defender.

4. Euro

For the full list of rate up event since 4.3 version, please check the UPDATE category in this WIKI. 

What will happen if I own the player whose rate decreased in the event?Edit

Don't worry! The rate of player you already owned will not be changed! Only the new player that you get him after the update will show a new rate.