1. What is Trade?Edit

Trade is another important mode for new managers to obtain players.

In this mode, you can trade your low rate players for higher rate players. Like A to A+.

For example, you can use three A rate players to definitely (100% probability) get one A+ rate player. And you also have a chance (66.6% probability) to use two A rate players to get one A+ rate player.

Be noticed that the player you get from Trade will be the initial stage (Lv.0).

You can also trade your goalkeepers for a higher rate of a goalkeeper in Trade.

2. What is Advanced Trade?Edit

Advanced Trade allows you to get a player from a specific club or position. 

For example, you can use three A rate players as normal trade and a certain number of Trade Card to get a specific A+ player. If you use FW Trade Card, you can get an A+ forward and if you use FC Bayern Card, you can get an A+ FC Bayern player.