Unlock level: Training Lv.8

Tribute to legends Lv.34

What is training?Edit

Training is a necessary process to increase your team strength and make your player stronger in the early stage. You can find this function in Players-Training. You can also develop your CL players' title effect here in CL Training. 

What is the cost of training?Edit

You need to spend Euro to do the training, 300K€ for once and 1.5M€ for 5 times (Recommended!). Every player has his main attribute according to his position. You would better to training the main attribute of players first.

Forward: ATK

Midfielder: TEC

Defender: DEF

Goalkeeper: GK

PHY is for all players.

There are tasks about Training in Daily Tasks and you can get Bonding Cards if you finish the tasks. Don't miss out!

What is CL Training?Edit

Each CL player has his own CL title which can make himself or teammates on the pitch stronger. For example, Z.Zidane's CL title can increase his own ability and the ability of all other teammates on the pitch, that make him the best player in the game.

You need to boost CL title in CL Training to maximum the CL title effect.

Each Boost needs to cost corresponding Legendary Card (FW, MF, DF or GK according to the player you want to boost) which you can obtain it in Legendary Classics. To maximum a CL players title effect, you need 2000 of corresponding Legendary Cards. For example, Z.Zidane plays AMF/LMF so he needs 2000 of Legendary MF Cards to maximum his CL title effect.

To know the CL title of CL players, you can check in CL PLAYERS in this wiki 

What is Tribute to Legends?Edit

Tribute to Legends is a Five Card Stud game. You can get a certain number of Legendary Card if you acheive corresponding combo. You can play 8 times a day.

Rewards Combo: (The combo with higher rewards will be chosen firstly)

  1. 4 of a Kind: 4 of the 5 Cards are the Same Player.
  2. 5 of the Same Color: 5 Cards are the Same Suit.
  3. Full House: 3 Cards are Player A and 2 Cards are Player B.
  4. 4 of the Same Color: 4 of 5 Cards are the Same Suit.
  5. 3 of a Kind: 3 Cards are Player A with 1 Card is Player B and 1 Card is Player C.
  6. 3 of the Same Color: 3 Cards are the Same Suit and the other 2 cards are different Suits (excluding 3 of a kind).
  7. 2 Pairs and 2 of the Same Color: 2 Pairs is 2 Cards of Player A and 2 Cards of Player B; 2 of the Same Color is 2 Red players and 2 Green players.
  8. No Combo: None of the above combos.