Unlock Level: Lv.13

1. What is Ultimate League?Edit

Ultimate League is a new mode which was launched in 4.1 version to replace the former Tour mode. 

2. The schedule and Point rules of Ultimate LeagueEdit


Match time is everyday 01:00 to 23:00 and offseason is everyday 23:00 to 01:00.

You can join the Ranking according to your Points. Your position on Ranking is based on Points. Points will reset on the last day of each month. The initial point of each month is 1000. Your points will increase when you win a match and decrease when you lose. Your points will not change when the match end in a draw.

Match rulesEdit

You need to use 50K Euros to start an Ultimate League match. You will find 4 opponents (Your opponents are the managers in your server and the members of your alliance may also be listed in the opponent list) and you can know their position and team strength before you challenge one of them. You can get more points when you defeat a strong opponent. So, try to challenge suitable opponent according to your team strength.

You can have a maximum of 4 Challenge Chances and each match will spend 1 of your Challenge Chances. Challenge Chance recovers 1 point every 3 hours and it can be purchased.

You can play a revenge match with your opponents up to 24 hours after you were defeated.

Playing a revenge match will spend 1 of your Challenge Chances. Everyday’s first revenge match will not spend any Challenge Chances.

If your revenge fails, the Points of both sides will not be changed.

3. The reward of Ultimate LeagueEdit

The Ranking Reward (Peak Coin) will be sent each hour. Position 1-100: 70-100 Peak Coins each hour. Position 101-200: 60-68 Peak Coins each hour.

Item List in Peak Coin Shop

Peak Coin Shop


Price (Peak Coin)

Daily Purchase Limit




Rate-Up Card



Pro Potential Course



Best Potential Course 80 5
Formation Upgrade Card 10 999
Best Player Certificate 80 15

You can also get wining reward every day. 

First win: Lv.2 Tactic Book*4, Jr. Potential Course*200, Pro Potential Course*15

Three wins: Large Cheque*4, Pro Potential Course*10, Best Potential Course*6

Five Wins: Auto-Match Card*15, Best Potential Course*4